About the taxes we are required to collect

No one loves to pay taxes. But we hope this explanation of the taxes we collect will help you understand what we are required to collect these taxes.

The City of North Chicago Storage Facility Accommodation tax:

This is a 5% tax on all of our revenue, regardless of vehicle.

The State of Illinois Parking Excise tax, enacted Jan 1, 2020

The 9% Parking Excise Tax Act (“Act”) imposes a tax on the privilege [emphasis ours] of using in this State a parking space in a parking area or garage for the use of parking one or more motor vehicles, recreational vehicles, or other self-propelled vehicles.

If you are not happy with taxes, we recommend that you contact the city and Governor Pritzker. It costs you money and it takes many hours to compile the returns and make the payments. We both lose. The politicians win!