6 reasons why you should rent a shipping container at 901MLK Storage instead of renting a conventional self-storage unit from them

901MLK Self-Storage Shipping Containers
  • They’re usually cheaper. Compared to unheated storage units, our shipping containers are less expensive on a per-square-foot basis
  • They are larger. Most conventional large self-storage units only provide up to 200-250 sq-ft (10×20 or 10×25 ft). Our shipping containers are more than 300 sq-ft
  • More usable volume. Our high-cube containers are 9’6″ tall. Compare that with only 8 ft of height in a conventional storage unit. More volume means you can store taller items and you get more storage for your money.
  • Works with heavy machinery. If you need to pull up with a large truck, we have the space to do it. Most drive-up self storage units are packed closely together and make maneuvering difficult.
  • We have material handling equipment that self-storage facilities don’t. Need a forklift to offload a delivery or to pull a trailer? We can help. Need to move or lift a heavy item? We have a heavy-duty loader/backhoe with all the chains and straps needed to get maximum use of your container.
  • Containers are sealed and physically separated. What your neighbor stores in their unit will not affect you.